Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo-Finish Friday -- Shelby GT500

My buddy JD gave me one helluva ride in his 2009 Shelby. Awesome vehicle. Yeah, I want one.

And my friend Leah J. Utas is the force behind Photo-Finish Friday.


Leah J. Utas said...

That looks like one sweet ride.

Mike Wilkerson said...

The Shelby Cobra is one of my dream cars. 2009 had the 500 hp, I believe, while the 2012's have a ridiculous 650 hp, give or take.

Unbelievable what they're able to do with cars these days. The old Camaro ZR1's back in the late 60's ruled the street with 500 hp, but they were rough running son of a gun's from everything I've heard.

I'd better stop before I get a chubby.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, man. I could go for one of those myself.

Ron Scheer said...

Lookin' good, sport.

Rick said...

How about getting two and loaning me one?

Dave King said...

Sure looks awesome!

Oscar Case said...

It would be great for grocery shopping.

Reb said...

Oh, I wouldn't mind one of those myself.

John DuMond said...

I'd like one of those too. In fact, I might need a couple of them. You know, in case one of them breaks or something.

Sarah Laurence said...

How fun! I was quite envious of a guy passing in a convertible as I was biking in this 90 degree weather. When I think of characters, I often imagine what type of car they drive and which one they'd like to have. So now I know a bit more about you too.

David Cranmer said...

It was, Leah.

Mike, I remember when everyone was talking Camaro. Yeah, you owe yourself a drive in a Shelby. Hell of a kick, amigo.

We need to sell more books, Charles.

Thanks, Ron.

Rick, See above comment for Charles. :)

That it is, Dave.

Oscar, :)

Reb, Used around $36,000.

John, I can see that.

Sarah, I've been a fan of Mustangs since seeing Steve McQueen in BULLITT.