Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Another day, another review for Macmillan's Criminal Element. I appreciate all of you that click over and read. Keeps me gainfully employed. Here's a sample from a book I liked with reservations:
Perhaps an overabundance of coincidences (too many crosslinks between characters, and with a high incidence of life-threatening diseases among them), but that’s easily forgiven with the tight, clipping-along action that fans would expect from the creator of the Repairman Jack series.
And, even if I’m a bit worn out on religious zealots in fiction (and secret societies may not be much farther down on my give-that-trope-a-break list…why do fictional enigmatic societies go to enormous lengths to hide their identity but then they brand themselves with distinctive tats?), Mr. Wilson writes with fresh abandon, almost as if he created the genre. He’s an entertaining storyteller (deserving recipient for the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement) and able to deftly handle intersecting multiple storylines.