Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BEAT to a PULP: Round Two Cover

Here's the cover, folks. Once again, created by the masterful James O'Barr with graphic design from the talented John Bergin.

Contributors: Bill Pronzini, Vin Packer, Dave Zeltserman, Steve Weddle, Vicki Hendricks, Glenn Gray, Chris F. Holm, Charles Ardai, Garnett Elliott, Jodi MacArthur, Evan Lewis, Anthony Neil Smith, Wayne D. Dundee, Jake Hinkson, Matthew P. Mayo, Larry D. Sweazy, James Reasoner, Alec Cizak, Patricia Abbott, Hilary Davidson, Courtney Joyner, John D. Nesbitt, Keith Rawson, Howard Hopkins, Bill Crider, Nik Korpon, Matthew J. McBride, Sean Chercover, and Ed Gorman.

Foreword by Sophie Littlefield.

An essay on pulp art by Cullen Gallagher.

Dedicated to Howard Hopkins who passed away a few weeks ago.

BEAT to a PULP: ROUND TWO will be released in March 2012.

BTAP #157: Friction Ridge by David James Keaton

BEAT to a PULP returns for our fourth year. Here's Friction Ridge (or beguiling the bard in three acts) by David James Keaton.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Wagon

My dad passed away in 2005 and only now am I considering going through his stuff. He had a stroke in 1998, so things have really stood still in our family homestead since before the millennium. A lot of it will be easy to toss but every once in awhile, something gives me pause. Like that old wagon in the picture. I remember how it was used every week of the year for things like hauling chopped-up wood for the stove, collecting pulled weeds from the garden, and removing washed out rocks from the ditch. I had a lot of fun as a young kid jumping in the back and going on adventures with dad. Now, the bottom is rotting away and the sides are completely gone. It's not good for anything anymore except fond old memories... and that's why I'll keep it around a little bit longer, if you know what I mean. Is there something you've had a hard time parting with for a similar reason?

Friday, February 24, 2012

BULLETS FOR A BALLOT Cover (New Cash Laramie Novel)

The latest Cash Laramie novel is BULLETS FOR A BALLOT, which will be released in a few days. Care to review the new eBook? Leave a comment here with your e-mail or drop me a note at

New Western Webzine!

The new zine is Fires on the Plain and the story is “The Serpent Box” by Jake Hinkson. Please stop by and support this new site run by Cullen Gallagher.

*Cash Laramie will be at Fires on the Plain next Friday with a sample of BULLETS FOR A BALLOT.

Murder and Mayhem Lineup

Crimespree announced the lineup for Murder and Mayhem in Muskego 2012. Hat tip: Chris F. Holm

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Daughter's Growing Shoe Collection

My baby girl turns the big one tomorrow. The time has zipped right past! Here's a shot of her shoe collection that her mom has placed under a rocking chair in the living room. No doubt it will get bigger.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Days Of Beer

I first became aware of Charles Gramlich through James Reasoner's Rough Edges blog. Back around 2008 every time I would go to leave a comment on Mr. Reasoner's blog, there was that Gramlich guy ahead of me. One day I clicked over to his Razored Zen and became an instant fan. His posts on family life with his wife Lana, grading school papers, dreams, and everything else in between had me hooked on a very interesting life lived to the fullest. And then there is his writing. I told Charles when I was in the hospital for my daughter's birth it was his BITTER STEEL that helped pass the time waiting and relax my mind.

So I'm glad to say that he has a new book out called DAYS OF BEER: A MEMOIR OF A BEER DRINKIN' MAN that delves into his growing up. Yeah, he's talking about beer but that is a starting point for all kinds of stories about hanging out with his family, friends etc. And it had me chuckling aloud many times.

Buy DAYS OF BEER on Amazon. I'm certain you will enjoy it.