Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Church at Auvers (1890) by Vincent van Gogh

The Church at Auvers, an 1890 oil painting by Vincent van Gogh. In a letter to his sister he revealed some of his creative process:

I have a larger picture of the village church — an effect in which the building appears to be violet-hued against a sky of simple deep blue colour, pure cobalt; the stained-glass windows appear as ultramarine blotches, the roof is violet and partly orange. In the foreground some green plants in bloom, and sand with the pink flow of sunshine in it. And once again it is nearly the same thing as the studies I did in Nuenen of the old tower and the cemetery, only it is probably that now the colour is more expressive, more sumptuous.

Trivia: And Doctor Who aficandoes are well aware what lurks behind those stained-glass windows.


Alan said...

I follow a few old painters on twitter, Van Gogh is one, along with Monet and Renoir. I find it makes my Twitter feed much more palatable than the usual chaos.

David Cranmer said...

I believe I will add the artists you just mentioned to who I follow as well. Because you are so right about the usual chaos, its deafening.

David Nemeth said...

A nice change of pace. Thanks.

David Cranmer said...

Hi, David. You bet. Thanks for stopping by.