Saturday, May 1, 2010

BTAP #72: Apache Fog by Wayne D. Dundee

"In Joe Hannibal, Wayne Dundee has created a tough, relentless, no frills hero--a blue-collar private eye ... fast, hard, explosive, and satisfying."
-- Bill Pronzini

It's a real honor to have Wayne Dundee at BTAP. Mr. Dundee's work has been nominated for an Edgar, an Anthony and six Shamus Awards. Not to mention, he is the founder and original editor of Hardboiled Magazine. And, of course, the creator of Joe Hannibal who, based on my research, has been around for thirty years. Head over to BEAT to a PULP and check out the latest Hannibal in "Apache Fog."

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Soon: "Miles To Go" by Edward A. Grainger