Saturday, May 23, 2009

BTAP #25: Vengeance on the 18th by David Cranmer

I originally wrote this story for Out of the Gutter's Revenge issue but it required a rewrite that I wasn’t prepared to do so instead I submitted the award-winning “Blubber” (ok, it's a second place win but, dammit, it's my only prize for writing and I'm going to own it!). I put “18th” on the back-burner for awhile until I could finally face it again. I think this version is stronger and with a more potent ending. And the Editor-at-Large for BEAT to a PULP gladly accepted my story (don’t laugh, Ms. Ash is no more easy on me than she is with any other submission that rolls in). A big thanks to Elaine for her considerable assistance. Here’s "Vengeance on the 18th".

Next week: Kieran Shea gives us some "Maintenance" with a character that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Btw, Kieran's brilliant piece of prose was suppose to be featured at BTAP this week but I didn't have the guts to follow this modern-day Hammett.

Coming in June: Paul Brazill's “Tut” and “Y Not” from Travis Erwin.