Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Diablo (2015)

Psychological Western has Civil War veteran Jackson (Scott Eastwood), once known as General Sherman's best killer, searching for his kidnapped wife. Always hypnotizing Walter Goggins plays Ezra who seems to know Jackson from his military days and begins murdering anyone who comes in contact with him. We discover before long to what degree the war has unhinged Jackson when an old 'friend' played by Danny Glover seems unusually terrified warning his granddaughter, "He's killed more men than you met in your lifetime."

Far from a perfect film, with an unsatisfying ending, benefits greatly from stunning cinematography courtesy of Dean Cundey and a evocative musical score by Timothy Williams.


David Nemeth said...

Since it has Walter Goggins, it shall be watch

Charles Gramlich said...

Looks like Clint there. I'm sure that's on purpose. I may try to see this

oscar case said...

Deserves a peek to see Clint's son and Goggins.

David Cranmer said...

I found it worth a look, David. For Goggins and the initial curiosity of seeing Clint's son.

Quite a resemblance, Charles.

Oscar, I thought so. Let me know what you think.

Elgin Bleecker said...

David – Scott Eastwood is a young actor to watch. Don’t know if he will ever reach the level of stardom his father achieved, but he is off to a good start.