Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hour of the Gun (1967)

I'm working on an article about the many Wyatt Earp films and I watched Hour of the Gun (1967) for the first time. I liked James Garner's hardboiled performance as Wyatt and found the overall film quite entertaining. Though for a movie that opens with "This Picture Is Based On Fact. This Is The Way It Happened," goofs in a very big way by portraying the legendary marshal catching up with Ike Clanton (the superb Robert Ryan) in Mexico. And there are many other inaccuracies but as a Western it's quite well done. I recommend Hour of the Gun to anyone who may have missed this John Sturges classic.

A Review of Interest (To Me, Anyway) *

Check it out.

*Swiped from Bill Crider. Always steal from the best, right?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Education of a Pulp Writer Education of a Pulp Writer & other stories* contains some of my earliest, darkest, and most demented characters on the fringe of society. These four shorts were selected from my crime fiction with a bonus story, "Kid Eddie," taken from the noir Western collection Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles written under my pen name, Edward A. Grainger.

“Blubber” -- A morbidly obese shut-in hires a cheeky “lady of the evening” college girl, leading to a deadly encounter.

“Clouds in a Bunker” – An old man holes up in a fallout shelter, preparing to end it all for himself and his long-gone dementia-ridden wife, but the police are there to foil his plan.

“Cold Gray Dawn” -- A rebuffed man plots revenge against his ex-wife and her new-born baby.

“The Education of a Pulp Writer” -- Neighbors in an apartment building don’t really know as much about each other as they think.

“Kid Eddie” -- While bringing a youthful criminal in for justice, US Marshal Cash Laramie begins to doubt the innocent-looking kid is guilty of any crime.

*This rebooted collection appeared in a slightly different form a couple of years back and is only, currently, available as an ebook.

Monday, April 14, 2014

On a Roll: The Drifter Detective Series Drifter Detective series is now up to three titles and I gotta say I'm very excited where Garnett Elliott is headed with the next two. And Hardboiled master Wayne D. Dundee will add an adventure of his own, "Wide Spot in the Road" sometime next month.

All stories, thus far, are standalones featuring detective Jack Laramie, grandson of Western legend Cash Laramie, who roves the 1950s landscape in his DeSoto and living out of the attached horse trailer. He carries Cash's old Colt and has much of his granddaddy's grit but his adventures are very much his own as he scrapes along, wandering from town to town, to eke out a living.

If you like hard-boiled noir adventures with a touch of mystery, well, here's "The Girls of Bunker Pines" to get you started that Mr. Dundee says has, ".. all the ingredients you need for some very satisfying reading entertainment."

Pierce Brosnan’s Ventures West

I'm really enjoying the heck out of writing articles on various Western books and films over at Criminal Element. I may even take a shot at some noir titles in the near future. My latest (writing as Edward A. Grainger) is called Pierce Brosnan’s Ventures West: Grey Owl and Seraphim Falls. C'mon and stop by when you get a moment.