Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Days Of Beer

I first became aware of Charles Gramlich through James Reasoner's Rough Edges blog. Back around 2008 every time I would go to leave a comment on Mr. Reasoner's blog, there was that Gramlich guy ahead of me. One day I clicked over to his Razored Zen and became an instant fan. His posts on family life with his wife Lana, grading school papers, dreams, and everything else in between had me hooked on a very interesting life lived to the fullest. And then there is his writing. I told Charles when I was in the hospital for my daughter's birth it was his BITTER STEEL that helped pass the time waiting and relax my mind.

So I'm glad to say that he has a new book out called DAYS OF BEER: A MEMOIR OF A BEER DRINKIN' MAN that delves into his growing up. Yeah, he's talking about beer but that is a starting point for all kinds of stories about hanging out with his family, friends etc. And it had me chuckling aloud many times.

Buy DAYS OF BEER on Amazon. I'm certain you will enjoy it.


Walker Martin said...

I agree with everything you have said above but I'm a long time collector of books, paperbacks, and pulps. I've made the decision to go down with the ship(full of books), and not support the e-readers and e-books. I have a house full of hard copy books and magazines and I love them. They will last me until I breathe my last(or a bookcase falls on me, which has happened).

I love beer and if you drink it at no more than 3 bottles a night, you too can live to be 69 like me. I just drank half a growler of fine draft beer while watching a film noir. Please let me know if DAYS OF BEER ever comes out as a "real" book and I'll buy a copy.

Ron Scheer said...

Walker toes a hard line, but he's golden...As for Charles Gramlich, I never miss what he has to say on just about any subject. I told him DAYS OF BEER AND ROSES would make a better title, but he obviously doesn't take my advice. Ha.

pattinase (abbott) said...

A wonderful cautionary tale.

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks, David, and thanks to everyone for the comments. Much appreciated. It was a fun book to write!

Oscar said...

Days of Beer was full of funny stuff, all true, too, and no Lost Weekends.

David Cranmer said...

Walker, 69 is good for me. 3 bottles a night. Gotcha. :)

Ron, DAYS OF BEER AND ROSES is a great title. Maybe Charles has a sequel in mind.

Patti, And funny as heck.

Charles, I may copy your lead (and Lawrence Block's) with a memoir of this nature. Another decade or so from now.

Oscar, I'm wondering if Charles had a few Lost Weekend stories that didn't make the cut.

Sarah Laurence said...

I'll have to tell my friend about this book. She and her partners are opening a brewery.

David Cranmer said...

Those are good friends to have, Sarah. :)