Saturday, January 28, 2012

Watch You Drown by Chris Rhatigan

I just added this collection to my Kindle and am looking forward to the read.

From the mind of Chris Rhatigan, Watch You Drown includes fourteen tales of modern crime. Kleptos stealing, dealers dealing, grifters grifting.

These characters drift through ordinary places -- gas stations and big-box stores, shabby apartments and urine-soaked alleys -- screwing everything up as they go, leaving behind the nauseating stank of desperation. In Rhatigan's world, there are no winners, only people who haven't lost yet.

Watch You Drown is sometimes wrenching, sometimes surreal, sometimes disgusting, and always noir.


Charles Gramlich said...

aww, looks pretty cool. I'll check it out

AC said...

This one is on my to read list as well. Rhatigan's got a story coming up in a future issue of Pulp Modern that's pretty darn good as well.