Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Fred Zackel Titles Now Available On Kindle

Many writers are putting their backlist, OOP and unpublished works up on Kindle. Fred Zackel recently released several of his works as Kindle ebooks including his 1978 novel Cocaine and Blue Eyes and Cinderella After Midnight (an excerpt, "Big and bright and colorful, like the California Dream", appeared earlier this year at BEAT to a PULP). Fred is set to release three more books for the first time ever:

Tough Town Cold City
An old friend is brutally murdered and San Francisco private eye Frank Pasnow is told the funeral home needs a down payment. He goes after the security deposit from the cute and cunning landlady.

Murder in Waikiki
It's 1985. Murder arrives in sun-drenched Waikiki Beach with a van filled with tourists from the Mainland. (Agatha Christie meets Joseph Conrad.)

Crow on the Cradle
Murder, intrigue, revenge, betrayal, suspense, thriller, conspiracies, sex, swords, mythology, noir, classic, regicide, inheritance, birthright, throne ... and pagan.

In January 1978, Ross Macdonald wrote, "Fred Zackel's first novel reminds me of the young Dashiell Hammett's work, not because it is an imitation, but because it is not. It is a powerful and original book made from the lives and language of the people who live in San Francisco today."


Richard Prosch said...

CINDERELLA AFTER MIDNIGHT. Don't know about the book, but what a great title!

David Cranmer said...

Rich, I recommend reading Mr. Zackel's excerpt at BTAP and then there's a good chance you will snag the book. A modern classic.

Anonymous said...

These look perfect for a mystery fan whose birthday I need to buy for.


David Cranmer said...

Paul, Perfecto indeed.

Rick said...

Damn, now you have me getting another book to read!

David Cranmer said...

You won't be disappointed and the good news is the prices in Kindle are reasonably priced.