Saturday, June 12, 2010

BTAP #78: One Good Turn by Ryle Smith

We have something a little different and exciting for you this week at BEAT to a PULP. A short film! BTAP is grateful to Richard Prosch for bringing the work of the talented Ryle Smith to our attention. Here's Mr. Prosch to introduce:

Ryle Smith could be introduced as writer, painter, actor, or cartoonist–but I’d like you to meet him as a filmmaker because that’s where you’ll find his first, best love. It was Phoenix in the 1960s and Ryle’s dad drove a delivery truck. On sweltering summer afternoons he’d drop Ryle off at the movies before completing his rounds. In the cool matinee darkness he met the Universal Monsters, the Marx Brothers, Bogart, Stanwyk, Tracy and Hepburn. Later came the spawn of AIP and Hammer and Ryle was working out his own dreams on paper and canvas. Dreams that have now come full circle, back to film. One Good Turn is a short noir piece, written, produced and directed by Ryle. It may give you pause the next time you plug in your iPod for a nice healthy jog.


And for the news you've all been waiting for... the winners from last week's stamp giveaway are: Jersey Jack and Charles Gramlich... Congrats to both!