Thursday, September 10, 2009

BTAP Stats

US, China, Italy, UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, Japan, France, Singapore, Russia, Moldova, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Egypt, Estonia, Republic of Korea, India and New Zealand all stopped by BEAT to a PULP this week and we would like to say thanks for continuing our ratings streak. 1,236 visitors and 10,122 hits in five days ain't bad.

Hilary Davidson's "Insatiable" is our first story to continually gain more readers with each day. Normally, traffic is heavy the first couple of days after a new weekly punch is posted and then, understandably, it levels off. So thanks to Hilary for such an exceptional story and to our fan base that continues to grow. It is very much appreciated.

With all these countries showing up, I got to thinking how great it would be to read a Romanian Noir or a Western from down under. A high seas adventure from India? Why not? Polish up that submission and send it to Now, there is a vetting process and I recommend reading one of our stories first to see what we are looking for. But, I can tell you, I'm all ears for a Moldova war story or an Italian horror piece. That would be cool, wouldn't it?