Saturday, September 12, 2009

BTAP #41: Cedar Mountain by George Miller, Jr.

Photo courtesy of George Miller, Jr.BEAT to a PULP's Weekly Punch presents a diversion from our usual pulpy tales with George Miller’s "Cedar Mountain." This story had been part of Elaine Ash’s successful writing challenge that also included Keith Rawson and Frank Bill. For personal reasons, G (as he’s known by in the blogging community) had withdrawn his entry, which Ms. Ash thought was well-written, and after reading it myself, I couldn't have agreed more. I contacted G and asked what became of this remarkable piece. He said he had posted it on his blog but was happy to take it down to allow BTAP to publish it. And so, "Cedar Mountain" finds its new home at BEAT to a PULP.

Next: John Kenyon has "A Wild and Crazy Night" in store for us.

Soon: Andy Henion discovers "The Devil Wears Carhardtt."

*Photo courtesy of George Miller, Jr. Enhancements by dMix