Monday, June 26, 2017

The Best Way To Consume 'Harry Potter'

I have never read these books and am ready to give them a try soon.


Scott D. Parker said...

I read book 1 in 1999 and it didn't strike me much. I re-read it in 2007 (ahead of book 7 being released) and I Got It. I blew through books 1-6 in six weeks. If you are an audiobook listener, Jim Dale's narration is spectacular. He was in Houston the week Book 7 was released and I got to hear him talk about the project. Even my wife, who normally doesn't consume fantasy books, loved them.

Charles Gramlich said...

the only series I've ever read straight through, one after another, without a pause. book 1 is indeed meant primarily for younger readers but it still engaged me, and by book 3 I was roaring for more. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes

Anonymous said...

They're worth the effort, and are strongest from about book three onwards. If you've seen the films, then there is a lot more in the books. They'd also make great books to read with your daughter.