Wednesday, April 26, 2017

That Brutal Unpredictability

A Free Soul (1931)
Renowned gamesman Barclay Cooke (1912-1981) called Backgammon “the cruelest game.” Memorable hyperbole? Perhaps. But vital skills are needed to play: intense concentration, clever strategy, and an ability to see ahead to possible traps—and still the probability of the roll can level the steel nerves of even the finest. That brutal unpredictability translates well to the mystery, crime, and thriller genres, and of course, with sport slang like post mortem, premature burial, under the gun, shot, hustler, and hit, backgammon is practically crying out for a spotlight with the criminal element.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Never played backgammon. I didn't know it had such a storied history

David Cranmer said...

Been kicking around a long, long time.