Tuesday, February 21, 2017

“The Unquiet Dead” and More

I'm a Doctor Who fan from a long way back and was stoked that Macmillan's Criminal Element accepted my pitch for a Whovian piece. Hope you enjoy.


tontowilliams.com said...

Sadly the Criminal Element site won't let me comment on this post David (it skips out to a blank page when I try to "preview comment"), but here's what I was trying to say:

You picked a couple of my favourites there David. Mind you, anything with the Weeping Angels in would have been a good pick 😉, and I also loved School Reunion for the return of K9 (although that's my childhood speaking as Tom Baker was my childhood Doctor, and at that age a robotic dog has to be any boys ultimate companion).

I'd be interested to know your picks from all 12 (13) Doctors. Most of the early ones are a bit fuzzy in my memory, but I have a strong mental image of a Tom Baker episode where people's skin became cactus like in appearance. That one had me diving behind the sofa!


It would be good to do a rewatch of some of these episodes (maybe they'd let you do that too!)

David Cranmer said...

tontowilliams.com, I mentioned to Criminal Element you are having a problem leaving a comment and hopefully they are able to fix. Yes, Tom Baker was my first Doctor too and I'd love to write another post on earlier frights. Hmm... "people's skin became cactus like in appearance." Will remember that.

tontowilliams.com said...

David - a quick google of "Tom Baker doctor cactus" reveals it's an episode called Meglos- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meglos

David Cranmer said...

I remember that one! and, honest, I don't think I've seen it since its original run. I need to re-watch all of Baker's episodes again. Here's how big of a fan I am: my wife bought me a sweater like his for Christmas.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

David, I have been resisting the temptation of watching DOCTOR WHO on Netflix because I hate giving up on a series after a couple of episodes, which usually happens owing to other distractions and responsibilities.