Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Sad to hear about the passing of Mary Tyler Moore. I grew up watching reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show and first run episodes of her 1970's program where she played news producer Mary Richards. Our family still gets a kick out of Rob and Laura Petrie. Rest In Peace, Mary.


Elgin Bleecker said...

Sad news, indeed. The DICK VAN DYKE SHOW remains my all time favorite. Like you, I caught up with it in reruns. The job I wanted was to be the fourth writer on the Allen Brady Show. Later, after I was married, it was amazing how many of the stories were current – like parents competing for the best birthday parties for their kids. – So now we must say RIP to MTM.

oscar case said...

Sorry to hear about her passing away.

Charles Gramlich said...

My parents didn't watch it so that meant I didn't. but I saw much of it later and enjoyed her work.