Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ranking The Doctors

I watched quite a bit of Doctor Who over the weekend resulting in my ever changing list of favorite Doctors. Currently the order:

Matt Smith
Tom Baker
David Tennant
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Peter Davison
Christopher Eccleston
Paul McGann
Peter Capaldi
William Hartnell
Sylvester McCoy
Colin Baker

If I were to include The War Doctor (John Hurt) he would place in the top five easily. How about you? Any fans of the Time Lord?


BVLawson said...

I think your list compares favorably with mine, David. I was hugely disappointed when Matt Smith decided to leave the show after such a relatively short time. Boo! The first Dr. Who I ever saw was Tom Baker, which is why he's still a favorite - although it was that voice of his that drew me in.

David Cranmer said...

Tom Baker was my first Doctor and I didn't think anyone could replace him until Matt Smith came along. His interpretation, companions, and storylines were well executed. Yeah, wish he stuck around longer.

Anonymous said...

That's funny we were talking about this very subject at the weekend, and the possible return of Matt Smith. I agree with your top three, although not the order, for me my top five would be:
David Tennant,
Tom Baker,
Matt Smith,
Jon Pertwee,
Peter Davidson

David Cranmer said...

Alan, Glad to see you have Jon Pertwee up there high. Always enjoy his episodes and see him as an action oriented Who.

Sarah Laurence said...

As much as I love the series, I'm still waiting for a female doctor with a male sidekick.

oscar case said...

Not me.

David Cranmer said...

Sarah, I believe we are close to a female doctor. I could imagine someone like Helen Mirren doing wonders with the role or Felicity Jones.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've still never watched it. So much TV, so little time