Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Books for Consumption

Here are the main books of February that have occupied my waking (and often sleeping) thoughts. 361, Backshot, Dali, A Universe From Nothing, Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, and The Bible a biography are 100% recreational. The Posthumous Man, Six Guns at Sundown, and Torn and Frayed are BEAT to a PULP releases being spruced up and readied for public consumption. Dust Up I’ll be reviewing for Macmillan’s Criminal Element blog. Neale’s Tricks of the Imagination is for a short story called “Room for Death.”

What are you digesting?


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

I think, I'd like a peep into "Six Guns at Sundown." David, I have been reading a bunch of comics lately. But I have a couple of books in mind this week and one of them will most likely include a Lawrence Block.

oscar case said...

Been reading a Dusty Richards novel, Ambush Valley, and still plowing through Marianne in Chains, Daily life in the heart of France under the German occupation, and the reviews I post on my blog of books I've read. Have a nice weekend, David! That Dali book sounds interesting.

Sarah Laurence said...

An impressive stack! I just finished a wonderful nonfiction book, The Soul of An Octopus by Sy Montgomery, which I'll be reviewing next Wednesday for Barrie's book review club.

David Cranmer said...

Prashant, Hope you enjoy. It should be released shortly but I'd start with The Lawyer #1: Stay of Execution by Wayne D. Dundee. That gets the ball rolling for this series and includes my short story.

Oscar, I have always enjoyed Dali's art and this is a collection of his most famous offerings. My favorite (and now my daughter's) is The Persistence of Memory from 1931.

Sarah, The Soul of An Octopus. Intrigued by that title and will be looking forward to your review.