Monday, February 29, 2016

2016 ... So Far

We hit the ground running with 2016 BEAT to a PULP releases and thought it would be nice to arrange all the darlings in a row. The Posthumous Man came out a couple of years back but we gave it a face-lift and wanted to include it here. We are now up to something like fifty published books. But who's counting?

Grey O'Donnell is back to normality after the events in Retribution six months before. He and partner Billy Cole are hunting down a fugitive with a large price on his head, and what should have been a routine job takes a turn for the weird when they follow the trail to an abandoned mining encampment. Something unnatural lurks in the trees near Bentley, and when the living dead pay a visit to the town, Grey enlists the help of a Ute medicine man to fight them off. Trouble is, the love of Grey's life has gone missing, and he's not about to lose Peggy a second time.

The dirty work of policing the chronosphere continues ...

Continuity Inc. agent Kyler Knightly and his uncle, Damon Cole, travel back to Old Vegas, circa 2035, to nab a rogue scientist bent on turning pre-apocalypse America into his own personal demolition derby. It's monster trucks versus monster preppers in a nitro burning, high octane adventure reminiscent of Mad Max.
When Elliot Stilling killed himself, he thought his troubles were over. Then the ER doctors revived him. It's infatuation at first sight when he meets his nurse, Felicia Vogan, a lost soul with a “weakness for sad sacks and losers.” She helps Elliot escape from the hospital, but once outside she leads him straight to a gang planning a million-dollar heist. Does Felicia really want Elliot to protect her from the outfit's psychotic leader, Stan the Man? Or is she just setting him up to take the hard fall? By the time this long night of deceit and murder is over, Elliot will have to finally face himself and come to terms with his own dark past.

Join the search for a hammer of unimaginable power …

From the Valley of Gahm in the land of Brassik, a rogue priest named Nindocai hears the transcendent ringing of a mythical mallet—a call for action from the Goddess Arya. Leading a rag-tag band over frigid, snow-packed terrain, Nindocai goes in search of the hammer of the gods that can free his people, or in the wrong hands could spell annihilation for mankind. But they may not complete their quest with the tyrannical Wyvar regulators, that rule the land with an iron fist, out to destroy Nindocai and his followers at any cost.
Seething hatred spurs The Lawyer forward, with a burning vengeance for his family slaughtered by seven hardened gunslingers. He’s tracking them down, one by one, until every killer is in the ground. His next target, Big Jim Kimbrough, left tracks to the small town of Sundown, Arkansas, where The Lawyer learns his prey has already moved on.

But he can’t leave after he witnesses a black man named Josiah being dragged behind a horse, the man’s only crime is allegedly taking food from a white man’s table, and is about to be lynched. The Lawyer takes up arms to save Josiah, realizing Kimbrough is slipping from his grasp with every minute he spends in Sundown. None of that will matter, though, if The Lawyer doesn’t survive the next twelve hours in the wake of a racially charged mob, fueled by the town’s tyrant and cheap liquor.


Charles Gramlich said...

Heckuva accomplishment. Quality works right down the line.

oscar case said...

Off and running is right!

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

They all look good, David. No doubt, they read good too.