Monday, September 14, 2015

Binging on Longmire

I've been binging on Longmire and here's the first result. Your thoughts on the season premiere and the following episodes are always welcomed.

Longmire 4.02: “War Eagle."
Longmire 4.03: “High Noon”
Longmire 4.04: “Four Arrows”
Longmire 4.05: “Help Wanted”
Longmire 4:06: "The Calling Back"
Longmire 4.07: “Highway Robbery”


Charles Gramlich said...

This one is on my list eventually to see.

David Cranmer said...

So far a damn good season, Charles.

Jay said...

Good story so far with some nice plot twists. I thought the last 1/4 of Ep. 3 felt a bit rushed. Peter Weller was a pleasant surprise and you are spot on with his one scene with Walt. Glad Netflix snatched this show up. A good fit. Oh grats on number one on Google search of Longmire High Noon!