Saturday, September 13, 2014

Free for Kindle for a Limited Time: The Empty Badge by Wayne D. Dundee

I had the privilege of publishing Trails of the Wild: Seven Tales of the Old West awhile back, though, now, the praised collection has run its course and I have removed it from the published status. In doing so, it left a bit of an issue with the book containing the Cash Laramie novella, The Empty Badge, by Wayne D. Dundee, which is an integral part of the ongoing Western series. So, I've re-released The Empty Badge on its own. And for fans of the Outlaw Marshal, I will be offering the e-book free beginning today and for four days afterward.

Plot: It's been weeks since Cash Laramie, the famed "Outlaw Marshal," has been heard from. Meanwhile, at the Federal Marshal headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming, some disturbing reports are starting to filter in about the notorious Driscoll Gang rapidly hitting a series of banks, allegedly with the aid of a badge-wearing accomplice claiming to be Laramie. Can it be true? Can it be that the lawman with the hair-trigger temper and the mile-wide independent streak has finally gone completely rogue?

The truth is seldom easy to find. And on the lonely, twisting trails of northwestern Wyoming in the 1880s, it was often lost forever. But every now and then, when those dusty trails converged in certain unexpected ways, answers were revealed and justice was delivered in a blaze of gunfire.