Monday, April 7, 2014

Heath Lowrance, Hawthorne, and Gideon Miles

Heath Lowrance has an insightful post called The Sloppy Beginnings of Hawthorne. I enjoyed reading more of the backstory on a character I've had the pleasure to publish through BEAT to a PULP. Tales of a Weirder West collects all the Hawthorne titles in one compact collection. And, very soon, Heath takes another stab (unintended pun, really) at Gideon Miles in The Axeman of Storyville. Here's the description:

New Orleans, 1921. It's a new world for former U.S. Marshal Gideon Miles, now retired and running one of the most popular jazz clubs in the city. But when a deranged ax murderer strikes at the prostitutes of Storyville, and the Black Hand takes up arms, Miles is drawn back into the world he knows so well-- the world of evil men, buried secrets, and violent death. Just like old times...

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