Monday, February 25, 2013

And a Rah, Rah, Rah for Rocket

My 2-year-old daughter enjoys the Disney show called Little Einsteins. Four animated friends -- Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June -- take off on all kinds of flights of fancy in their rocket ship, aptly named Rocket. The kids play instruments, make up songs, and dance to classical music by composers like Mozart and Beethoven, while they try to complete a mission that is inspired by folk art and fine art from around the world.

Every episode, the adventurers ask the audience to help Rocket fly. They pat their hands on their laps to rev him up, then they raise their hands above their heads, saying, “Blastoff!”

Of course, that’s when imagination takes over for my daughter and probably millions of other children.

Well, one fine day when Rocket went skyward, Daddy decided to lift the Elmo plane Ava was sitting on. She loved it! We spun around the room, and then I got as close as I could to the screen, and Ava had joined the friends. Now, she expects me to do it every time … and this old man has to deliver.

Here are two pics, one of me flying Ava and one she took herself of her toy Rocket -- a birthday gift from mom and dad.



Scott D. Parker said...

Love it! I actually enjoyed that show.

Sheila Grimes said...

looks like daddy is having as much fun as Ava!

Sheila Grimes said...

love the pic's ...daisy duck here

Leah J. Utas said...

That is wonderful.

Cloudia said...

Fly her as long as you may, Daddy!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3

Craig Clarke said...

Glad to see that show still entertains. Our two went through that phase, and there is still the occasional request for the hour-long DVD. And on long trips, we would be remiss if we forgot to bring along the CD with three or four 10-15-minute-long adventures.

(There's a song on AC/DC's album Black Ice, "Big Jack," that my son still thinks is called "Big Jet.") :-)

G. B. Miller said...

Betcha didn't think that you would have a brand new career as a jet plane, now did you?


At least your daughter's phase is a bit more tolerable than my two kids at her age was (The Wiggles and Barney).

Oscar Case said...

That's funner than writing, I can guarantee it.

David Cranmer said...

Scott, Fun and educational. There's a few good ones like that.

Thanks, Sis!

It is, Leah. Until I have to hold it for, say, 15 minutes. Sometimes it takes awhile for Rocket to land.

I will, Cloudia. I will.

Craig, We are loading up some shows for a future trip. Yes, I'm glad we live in the digital age.

G, I avoid Barney like the plague. And Sponge Bob.

Yes it is, Oscar.

Sarah Laurence said...

Adorable! You are literally raising your daughter very well. Sorry, couldn't resist that.

David Cranmer said...

Ha! Very good, Sarah!