Saturday, August 18, 2012

The B-Man Cometh

I’m camping this weekend and this is lying in the grass. Who is B-Man?

Banana Man? Probably.

What’s his story? You tell me.


sandra seamans said...

OMG! That's my 3 year old grandson's imaginary friend, Mr. Banana. The pair of them sing and dance their own song - "I'm a Banana". Gotta love a kid's brain.

Anonymous said...

B-man used to be the legendary super hero Batman.
Alfred brought him a smoking green drink the night before, and he woke up in the skin of a banana, with no memory of the last twelve hours. It could be longer. He seems to have lost his watch.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Rick said...

Once you know, David, there's no going back.

Kieran Shea said...

Jettisoned from the XC-81 reconnaissance ship Wangtango in a freak hatch closure accident, Banana Man lies frustrated in the tall grasses of a New England field while his sub-molecular first aid measures stitch his fibers back together. Damn. And there he was, all ready to peel back and the slip loving to First Mate - Ava Avocado. “Oh, Banana Man, I don’t think you closed that hatch over there properly,” Ava crooned. God, I'm such a dumbass, Banana Man thought. So he got up, crossed the cabin, and checked. The next thing ya’ know….

Oscar Case said...

Must be something like a B-Girl.

David Cranmer said...

Sandra, "I'm a Banana" sounds like the theme song for B-Man.

Louise, Question is did Alfred do this on purpose and can Bruce Wayne get back to his old alter ego.

Good point, Rick.

Kieran, Honest to God I did a spit take reading about doomed XC-81's flight.

Maybe, Oscar.

Cloudia said...

LOL - what a man!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
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David Cranmer said...

But is he a man, Cloudia? I've been asking him for details about his accident, life, etc and he says nothing. B-Man just keeps turning brown.

Charles Gramlich said...

I remember talking to B-Man one night a number of years ago. I assure you the mushrooms had nothing to do with it.

David Cranmer said...

Ha. I believe you, Charles. Supermarket mushrooms couldn't do that.

Dave King said...

Hope you had a great camp. I agree about a kid's brain! Absolutely!