Saturday, April 21, 2012

Something Missing

It's six at night and I'm setting the alarm clock for 4:30 a.m. I should be writing but nothing is flowing--not even shoddy stuff. I call my charmers, who are visiting Denise's parents, and they are doing well. Little d puts me on the speaker phone and I talk to Ava for a few prized minutes, enough to say the bedtime prayer that my mom taught me: In my little bed I lie. Heavenly Father hear my cry. Lord protect Ava Elyse through the night. Bring her safe to morning light. Amen. God bless everybody. A few more words then I say goodnight.

Damn, I miss them.

I order season three of ARCHER on my Kindle Fire and watch the episode with Burt Reynolds. Funny as H-E-double-hockey-sticks. After, I read a chapter of Charles Bukowski's WOMEN but I don't feel like reading. Not Hank's fault, I'm just read out for the day. A magazine on the stand features Rihanna on the cover. I like her. Pretty face and a helluva voice. Looks like she's starring in a movie and I wonder why so many singers try their hand at acting? The natural evolution of pop stardom?

I haven't checked my book sales in awhile. Is there a chance I've sold a few zillion titles and can pack it in and travel to my girls?


I've sold a little over a thousand in twenty-one days. Not bad but considering I get thirty-five cents a book, I'll keep the day job. No complaints, mind you. Just reality.

Maybe I'll watch another episode of Archer.

I hope your weekend is going well. I'd love to hear what everybody is doing.


Ron Scheer said...

My way of being alone is to keep busy, and since I usually have enough projects going to qualify as a multi-tasker, I get by. Terrible, though, when nothing you normally enjoy lifts your spirits. Hang in there.

David Cranmer said...

I'm playing some chess now, Ron. Forgot that pick-me-up.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hola, Chief,
You can't go far wrong with Archer--good stuff. As far as what I'm up to, it's an average day in Mattland: Painting walls and ceilings, working on a new Western, and will soon settle down to grub, wine, and an episode of Lillyhammer with Steven Van Zandt. Fine new series via Netflix.

Hang tough--lonely's no fun but it beats ... having rabies ... or having the fleas of a thousand water buffalos nestled in your underwear!

Chris said...

We just finished season two of Archer the other night. Will probably watch a couple more episodes of Parks & Recreation later. Funny show.

Since you asked, here are some bits from my day:

1. Helped with a bunch of spring cleaning. Tackled my stacks and stacks of books and magazines; did a bunch of reorganizing. Realized that at my typical rate of reading, I have about 2.5 years worth of books on hand, even if I don't buy a single one in that span. As if that will happen.

2. Checked the results of the big game today and was disappointed to see Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-1.

3. Just got invited by the neighbors across the street to come over for some bbq. That's never happened before, though they did join us on our side of the street a couple years ago. Will be heading over there soon.

4. Read a couple good stories earlier, and will probably get a few more pages read in my current "regular" book in before I crash.

That's about it, David. Hope you pull through 'til morning!

Chris said...

Also, returned this to prominent display. It has my dad's boyhood signature in it, though I've never known him to read a book as an adult.

David Cranmer said...

Matthew, LILLYHAMMER has an intriguing premise. Former gangster in New York and now an unemployed immigrant in Norway. I may have to give that one a try.

Chris, We enjoyed the first couple seasons of Parks & Recreation and need to catch up on the most recent episodes. 2.5 years! Whew! I'm betting I'm in that ballpark or worse. Enjoy the bbq.

G. B. Miller said...

Well, I had an incredibly busy day in which nothing of worthwhile importance (writing) was accomplished beyond getting a sunburned head.

But I did manage to dig out my bicycle which I proceeded to take on a lovely two mile walk so that I could fill up the four year old flats.

And then spent a frustrating hour uploading a four minute video to my blog.

But I rebounded by watching one of the few Edward Norton/Spike Lee films that I like: 25th Hour.

Kind of refreshing being home alone for a change (family went camping...umm...R.V.'ing).

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Lilyhammer: Just finished watching episodes 4 & 5. Holy smokes--it just gets better and better and quirkier and funnier. Give it a go and I bet you'll dig it.

Have a grand evening.

Randy Johnson said...

Not much of a day for me. The Bruins on NBC and finishing a book I'm reviewing for Amazon.

That's about it.

Mike Wilkerson said...

Almost 2:00 ET. Rain's rolling in off the Gulf. Thinking about...everything. I've listened to all of the music which keeps me sane- Art Blake, Amy Winehouse, Miles, Waylon.


David Cranmer said...

G, I've been thinking of bike riding. I know Ava will want a bike in another couple of years and I was thinking that the whole family would enjoy riding together. And glad to hear your time by yourself was restful.

Mathew, After ARCHER we will be watching GAME OF THRONES. But maybe then.

Randy, That's still more productive than me. Which book, sir?

Mike, Miles and Waylon are constants for me. That reminds me I'll start the new day with SKETCHES OF SPAIN.

Randy Johnson said...

THE SHOP by J. Carson Black, a thriller about a team working for a secret government agency that kills people in the name of the government. The leader becomes suspicious when they kill a reality star and her entourage and begins an investigation. What he finds outrages him and sends him on a hunt for his bosses, which leads him across the country to a female cop in Florida looking inot the murder of a police chief.

They end up teaming together against a second hit team.

Wasn't bad.

AC said...

Rehearsed with my evolving rock and roll band, then watched Mad Men, and now trying to get a freelance gig finished in a bar where a bunch of drunken hooligans are competing to see who can scream the loudest for no reason.

Dave King said...

My Gran used to say that prayer to me!

Just picked up Bukowski's "Collected". I'd not known him before sporting our a book token on him.

As for the day job, remember it will only take one moment of universal recognition for it to all take off! A creditable start.

Charles Gramlich said...

1000 in 21 days is better than I've been doing. I know what you mean about missing your loved ones.

David Cranmer said...

I like the sounds of THE SHOP, Randy. I'm working on a thriller (with another writer) and this has the flair of what I'm looking for.

AC, Band? What instrument do you play again?

I've always enjoyed Bukowski's poems, Dave. Arguably, one of the greatest writers of the last fifty years.

And I'm cool with the numbers, Charles. But once in awhile, I dream.

Anonymous said...

Sterling Archer rules! Fucking greatest spy ever!!

Richard Prosch said...

SKETCHES OF SPAIN. Am so there with you. But you knew that.

Around the time you wrote on Saturday, I was finishing off my one and only Doritos novelty food (?) thing from Taco Bell, dreaming about real Jalisco cooking, watching coal trains bust down from KC with Gina, telling her about the Stevie Ray Vaughan album I got from iTunes. Arroz con pollo for lunch today -real chow at last. Safe travels for D. and A. And you too, amigo.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Saturday, huh. I am coming to this on Tuesday. I went to the opera and saw THE PEARLFISHERS. I am not the opera fan in the family.
Before that we had dinner (or a sandwich) at what turned out to be a lesbian bar. I don't think I was ever in one before and I was struck by how affectionate the women were with each other. Seemed like a nice group to be part of if it weren't for the sex thing. I wonder if they let outsiders in.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Oh, and that is amazing about the book, David. You need to give a seminar on using the new media correctly to sell books. Or how to write books that people want to read perhaps.

AC said...

Guitar (rhythm.

David Cranmer said...

Anonymous, I may agree with you.

Sounded like a top evening, Rich. Please tell Gina I said hello. Maybe one day we can all hang out.

Patti, I would love to hear more of your lesbian bar experience. And I'm not so sure anyone really wants to hear about my so-so success with the books. Perhaps if I get up to a couple thousand a month.

Looking forward to hearing some music from you, AC.