Saturday, December 10, 2011

Now Available: Miles To Little Ridge

Edward A.Grainger's Gideon Miles hits the trail in this fast-clip western novella written by Heath Lowrance. The U.S. Marshal finds himself in the sleepy town of Little Ridge, Montana, on the search for a wanted man. But just as Miles enters town, he's spotted by a hard case who recognizes Miles as the lawman that killed his friend. Now Miles must face the wanted man, who claims his innocence and is raising a daughter on his own, while the hard case and a ne'er-do-well partner are gunning for him.

MILES TO LITTLE RIDGE is at Amazon for $0.99 or FREE if you are a Kindle owner and Prime member.


G said...

Thanks for the copy. I read it at work and I'll post my thoughts about it on Monday.

David Cranmer said...

Thanks, G. I'm looking forward to your thoughts, sir.

pattinase (abbott) said...

You are a virtual franchise, David. And the quality is top-notch.