Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Killing: My Tuesday Night Film


AC said...

Photography by Stanley Kubrick.

Inherent cool by Jim Thompson.

(That's how the credits SHOULD read, considering Kubrick had to hold Lucien Ballard's (s.p.) hand throughout the production and Thompson wrote pretty much all of the dialogue...)

PS- Kubrick's my favorite director, so I wouldn't be so critical were it not for the fact that he launched his career with a great heaping help from Jim Thompson's work as a writer and did not give Thompson the credit he deserved for both this and Paths of Glory.

End of rant/rave.

Enjoy the film!

Dan_Luft said...

Didn't know Thompson worked on Paths of Glory -- my favorite Kubrick film.

The Killing is great. Though by 1956 any gang of criminals should know enough not to let Elisha Cook Jr in on the heist. He's always the weak link in any criminal activity.

Thomas Pluck said...

Still a great way to kill an hour or two...

David Cranmer said...

Thoughts on the film:

The Thompson dialogue steals the show.

Loved the scene of the wrestler (who works at the Chess club!) causing a commotion.

Sterling Hayden and his final scene is unforgettable. Spot on performance.


Alec, Damn shame S.K. didn't help Thompson more.

Dan, Folks had forgotten that Maltese bird by 1956. :)

Tom, Damn right, sir.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Love Sterling Hayden and this movie.

David Cranmer said...

So many fine performances and he was a darn good writer as well. I enjoyed his WANDERER.