Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Goshen Hole

At one time, I used to read detective stories by the handful. Then, somewhere along the line, my interest waned. But there were two modern detectives I kept going back to: Parker's Spenser and Dundee's Hannibal. I could always count on these two standbys to deliver what I'd come to love from the hardboiled school built by Chandler, Hammett, and Macdonald.

So I was quite excited to see the first new Joe Hannibal novel in four years -- seventh in the series -- has just been released. It is called GOSHEN HOLE and it fits nicely in the top tier of the Hannibal canon.

I like the fact that Joe has relocated to Nebraska, is running a security service, and is driving a Honda Element -- regular guy stuff that always worked well for these books. In GOSHEN, he is asked to investigate the case of a missing woman, and you can bet as he pulls the thread to solve the case there will be a lot of tough guys to stop him.

Lots of action and excellent dialogue as we've come to expect from the talented Mr. Dundee.

GOSHEN HOLE is available at Amazon.


Randy Johnson said...

This one looked interesting and I wanted to give it a try. For some reason, it wouldn't download in my Kindle for PC. That happens every now and then and I've learned just to get a refund and move on to something else.

Anonymous said...

nice idea, thanks for sharing...