Sunday, November 6, 2011

BEAT to a PULP #151: A Rip through Time: Darkling in the Eternal Space by Chad Eagleton

Chris F. Holm, Charles A. Gramlich, and Garnett Elliott have all gone a round with the BTAP Simon Rip saga, and all three have done an amazing job fleshing out
the worlds and characters I had imagined with breathtaking elements I never would have dreamed of creating.

Now, Chad Eagleton takes us to the next stop beyond. To reveal even a small part of this beautiful piece would be a crime, so I won’t, though I will tell you this latest Simon Rip adventure brings the story thread--that began over a year ago--to a conclusion.

However, Mr. Eagleton is just brimming over with ideas, so much that he has written another Rip story in a novella! More on that another day. For now, here is the return of the time cop hero in "Darkling in the Eternal Space".