Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two Mini-Reviews for Cash & Miles

Jodi Macarthur

Miles Of Cash Before I Sleep

If you took a razor blade and ran it down a wet canvas half dripping with black ink, then smeared it into the white area, you'd get a good replica of the characters Edward Grainger draws out in Cash & Miles. The backdrop is late 1800's. Times are harsh. A shot of whiskey doesn't go far. Cash is the harbinger of the law, but he bears much more than this, he bears a conscience that is often at disagreement with the law. It's this inner battle that carries the reader eagerly through the stories and wanting more. Miles holds my favorite shoot out scene in "Miles To Go." He's full of spunk, grit and is a sort of cornerstone to the series. There's a bit of everything for everyone in the book: gunfights, love, humor, horror, friendship and grit. One of my favorite reads for this year. I highly recommend, especially for those who are fans of Stephen King's Dark Tower books.

Brad Green:

Smart, fun, sharply written.

What's been said several times already is true: if you love Westerns and Noir, you'll love this book. But you won't love it simply because it is Western and Noir. No, you'll develop an appreciation for the sentences themselves, how they deftly render the rugged landscape and convey such a strong sense of place that you'll want to rub the dust out of your nose. Whereas many books settle for stock characters and situations, Mr. Grainger populates his stories with fully realized characters that constantly add surprise, depth, and resonance to the tales. It's the strength of the writing that lifts Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles above the competitors.

From reviews originally posted on Amazon