Saturday, July 16, 2011

BEAT to a PULP #135: Bigorexia by Glenn Gray

It was a week before the contest, while perched on the toilet, that Erich first noticed the faint spray of oil spitting up from a tiny hole in his skin when he flexed his arm. Like a mini oil well. Probably residual needle hole, he concluded. He swung his arm, elbow bent, fist clenched, bicep peaking out at twenty-nine inches now, and saw the micro-geyser, moistening the skin. He spread the oil around, muscle glistening like polished bronze. He flexed the other arm. Same thing, only the oil shot up a little off center from the bicep peak.

He got off the toilet, stood at the mirror, hit another pose: arms in front, fists balled as if hugging a tree. Held it hard and long. Dang. There it was again.
The supremely original Glenn Gray returns to BTAP with one of his finest stories to date called "Bigorexia."

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Soon: Hilary Davidson's "The Other Man."