Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bill Tilghman

William Matthew "Bill" Tilghman (July 4, 1854 – November 1, 1924) was a lawman and gunslinger in the American Old West.

Tilghman along with Heck Thomas and Chris Madsen were collectively known as the Three Guardsmen and were responsible for the arrest and/or killings of many of the worst criminals in 1890's Oklahoma including the eradication of the infamous Wild Bunch.

His friend and fellow lawman Bat Masterson referred to him as "the greatest of us all."

Teddy Roosevelt said "Tilghman would charge hell with a bucket."


sandra seamans said...

Sam Elliot played Tilghman in a made for TV movie, "You Know my Name". Love Sam Elliot!

David Cranmer said...

It was a fine film. I just watched it a couple of months ago and have a review coming up. Sam is a damn good actor and a lucky man married to Katharine Ross.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

That film is one of Elliott's finest, I believe. Especially the end ... powerful stuff.

Tilghman was one of those rare, impressive men who seemed unstoppable.

I'm not sure how close to reality are Matt Braun's two novels about TIlghman (OUTLAW KINGDOM and ONE LAST TOWN (from which the above-mentioned film was made)), but they're darn good reads.

Tom Roberts said...

Thanks for the posting, David. I have never previously seen a photo of Tilghman.

If memory serves, Bill Tilghman turns up as a character in Bob Randisi's 19991 novel, TARGETT, a book I enjoyed very much.

Neither of the professional reviews on the Amazon page speak well of TARGETT (and as often I disagree with them).

TARGETT, like all of Bob's books, is fast moving, well paced and again, for me, was an enjoyable read.

I've not partaking of that Sam Elliot film, not sure how I missed it to be honest, but will definitely track it down.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books

David Cranmer said...

Didn't know there were books, Matt. I'm betting I would enjoy them as well. Next time I'm over I will swipe 'em from your shelf. Cool?

Tom, Mr. Randisi always delivers. I haven't read TARGETT but will look for it. To heck with critics.

The Sam Elliott Collection features this film along with ROUGH RIDERS and THE DESPERATE TRAIL.

Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, now I want to see "You know my name." I like Elliott a lot too. Man he was perfect for a Sackett