Saturday, May 28, 2011

BEAT to a PULP #128: LoVINg the Alien by Paul Brazill

The same weekend I had finished reading Edmund Hamilton’s THE SUN SMASHER, marveling at the way his character went from being an innocent man thrown in jail on earth to him being whisked away among the stars, I also read about James Stacy, the LANCER star who became a multiple amputee after a motorcycle accident. Ideas converged and I jotted down some plot points and characters, putting my protagonist in Poland. Of course, ace writer Paul Brazill lives there and I approached him about penning the first installment of what I've planned to be a five or six story arc.

"LoVINg" sets up the adventure which means there will be questions that I hope you will want to find the answers to in our next installment by Garnett Elliott waiting in the wings.

I hope you like what we've cooked up and we're looking forward to your comments on "LoVINg the Alien."

Next: Mike Phillips and "A Peril in Trophies."

Soon: Thomas Pluck is "A Glutton for Punishment."