Sunday, May 1, 2011

BEAT to a PULP #122: You Keyed My Car by Fred Zackel

Poetry week (dark, of course) at BEAT to a PULP! Our schedule is as follows:

Today: "You Keyed My Car" by Fred Zackel

Tuesday: Two Poems by Gerald So

Thursday: "Ghost" by Keith Snyder


From poet and contributor, Gerald So:

I'm honored to be part of a special week of hard-hitting poetry at BTAP and to accept David's invitation to do a writeup on each poem.

Fred Zackel kicks off the week with "You Keyed My Car." In just its title, I hear metal on metal. I've always stumbled on the aftermath, the cowardly/brazen scrape. The world-weary speaker in Fred's poem doesn't just spot a keyer in the act. Moments before, he sees through to the punk's soul.
Here is Mr. Zackel at BEAT to a PULP with "You Keyed My Car."