Saturday, December 18, 2010

BTAP #107: The Quick ... and The Dead by Bill Crider

Every story I accept at BEAT to a PULP I view as a winner. Even among these gems, certain tales soar to the top with an additional gifted element that is hard to nail down and characterize. After you read it, you sit back and say, “That baby was hit clean out of the ball park," which is how I see our final Weekly Punch of 2010 by Bill Crider.

I’ve enjoyed the author's entertaining Sheriff Dan Rhodes stories for years and approached him about being the year-end story for us. He sent “The Quick ... and The Dead.” Ah, you are thinking western because he is known for his oaters as much as his mysteries. Nope, Mr. Crider sent me a horrific zombie-ish story. And I would have been pleased as punch with a typical blood-and-guts romp, however, Mr. Crider elevated his story to that next level I mentioned, and he came up with a tale that'll stick with you for a long while.

It's a pleasure to say Bill Crider is at BEAT to a PULP with The Quick ... and The Dead.


The BEAT to a PULP webzine will return January 16, 2011 with "Serenity" by Brad Parks.

Also congrats to Sandra Seamans, Patti Abbott, and MysDawg guessing correctly in our Guess Who and Win a Free Book Contest. (MysDawg please e-mail your address to