Saturday, December 11, 2010

BTAP #106: Believe by Lina Zeldovich

Nadya looked outside again. It was dark, the snow was sticking and the street looked like the winter landscapes in Grandma's books. She had to hurry. She needed to sneak out and mail the letters before Grandma woke up. Sometimes Lunesta didn't work and Grandma stayed up in the middle of the night, reading.

"I only want one thing," Nadya re-read her last sentence. She brushed her sand-colored curls away from her face, took the pen out of her mouth and finished both letters.

"Santa, can you bring my Mommy back?"
Read more of Lina Zeldovich's "Believe" here.

Bio: Ms. Zeldovich is a bilingual writer who grew up on the classics of Russian literature, started writing at age five and switched languages at twenty-one. Since then she has published over a dozen short stories and more than thirty theater reviews, and won three Writer's Digest fiction awards, including first prize in the memoir genre. Her latest works are scheduled to appear in Ellery Queen and Writer's Digest Collection 2010, and her recent stories were published in Murder to Mil-Spec, A Shaker of Margaritas and Deadly Ink anthologies.