Sunday, October 10, 2010

BTAP #95: Life on the Mesa by Keith Rawson

I'm glad to have Keith back at BEAT to a PULP. Here's a sample:
Most of the young kids who came out to live on the Mesa considered themselves anarchists; violent and bad tempered, typically sporting drug and alcohol problems. Not that anyone on the Mesa begrudged or discouraged drug use; shit, most of the long timers had come out to the desert because some sort of substance abuse had reshaped their world outlook. The Mesa's concern was the destruction of both personal and community property due to drug and alcohol use. But dreadlocked Knob and his fresh-faced Cloverdancer seemed harmless, the type who might even be able to be counted on when the community was in need.

That is until the thefts started happening.
Don't miss the rest of his unsettling story about Life on the Mesa.

Next week: Jack Bates is "Broken Down on the Bonneville Flats" and Frederick Zackel is going to "Squish You, Babe."