Thursday, August 19, 2010

Secrets Revealed

Ok, I know you don't really need a list of reasons go back for part two of Rich Prosch's interview with me, but here it is anyway. For starters, there is a picture of me squinting -- could it have been from all the paparazzi flashing bulbs and demanding to know when Round One will be released, or perhaps it was just the sun. Two, I mention the other writers in addition to Chris Holm who are involved on the until-now-super-secret Simon Rip project. Plus I get personal and talk about the Cranmer home life and my passion -- for writing, that is. Please stop by and leave a comment. There are only six Q&As left.


Ron Scheer said...

Enjoyed. Left a comment at Rich's site. The squint says, "I'm trying to look sardonic, but don't be fooled." Ha.

David Barber said...

Another intersting episode, David. Left a comment over there. NIce 'pose', dude!

David Cranmer said...

Ron, That's it. You got it. :)

David, Those lights are bright.