Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Affair of the Wooden Boy, Boss's “Coercion," and Reindeer Love

I’m reading Mel Odom’s The Affair of the Wooden Boy. The plot is best described from Mr. Odom’s own website:

Dead things are drawn to James Stark, Lord Gallatin. His beautiful wife Mina knows this is true. But that doesn't stop him from pursuing supernatural evil throughout their city, and Mina will never leave her husband's side.

The night that a small wooden boy came knocking at their door and told them his body had been stolen, James Stark immediately took up the investigation. His quest takes him to the brink of death, and Mina is only one step behind.
I’m three chapters in and thoroughly enjoying the read. Mr. Odom has also been nice enough to comment on ROUND ONE and BTAP here.


Chris Rhatigan has some kind words to say about Mark Boss’s “Coercion” that BTAP published earlier in the year. If you missed it, after reading Mr. Rhatigan’s kudos, I’m betting you will want to check it out.


In totally unrelated news: Deer Steals Man's Wife is the funniest and most disturbing video of the week.


Deka Black said...

Seems a weird and interesting start for a story.

Anonymous said...

"It surprised me, too, Carolyn, but are you sure you didn't encourage him?"

Charles Gramlich said...

Guess I'm going to have to check out that video.

Joe's blog said...

You like silent films?
Do you know Pola Negri?
I'm painting her.

I would be very pleased if you like to follow my blog.
Please stay tuned for the finished painting.

Dave King said...

Thanks for those David. I shall certainly be following up a couple of them.

G said...

Cute 9 second video.

Should I ask how you found this? :D

David Cranmer said...

Deka, And it gets more intriguing from there.

Anonymous, Lol.

Charles, It may offer a small smirk.

Joe's blog, I'm aware of Pola Negri but have never watched her films.

I love art and will check out your site. Thanks for stopping by.

Dave, De nada.

G, From a website called dListed but how I got there is an ancient Chinese secret.

Diane said...

What kind of cameraman doesn't follow the action?

pattinase (abbott) said...

It does sound intriguing. I have read very little paranormal in the last decade. Maybe time to return to some.