Saturday, March 13, 2010

BTAP #65: My Best Pal by Joshua Andra

I peeked out my door for a better listen and saw old Mrs. Beasley and old Mrs. Rogers in their evening robes whispering down the hall. Both were widows in their seventies or so. They didn't notice my door cracked open.

I overheard Beasley telling Rogers, "I think he's going to kill him this time." Mrs. Rogers shivered at the thought as her eyes flicked toward the sixth floor with revulsion.

As Mr. Andra states in his bio, he's just "started sinking his teeth into the art of fiction writing." I hope everyone stops over and drops a comment for this new writer.

Next week: "Porn Again Kristen" by Mark Robinson

Coming soon: Chris LaTray's "The Pickle"