Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Bottom Of Every Bottle by Robert J. Randisi

Beginning a Robert J. Randisi novel is like being shot out of a canon with rockets strapped to your ass for good measure.
Then he heard a metallic “snick” and he moved fast. He overturned the kitchen table and ducked behind it as muzzle flashes lit the room and two bullets punched through the table. In the flashes he saw the man standing in the kitchen doorway. He fired his own weapon twice and was rewarded with a grunt and the sound of a body striking the floor.
This clip from his latest offering, THE BOTTOM OF EVERY BOTTLE, is on page 2!

The “he” in the above passage is officer Jake Gilmartin, and he’s being attacked in his own home by a fellow cop. Jake is working on three cases simultaneously and assumes the attack has something to do with one of them. On the run from dirty cops trying to pin him down, he turns to his son Rob, an Army gunnery sergeant, for help. Problem is his son hates him for abandoning the family years ago.

As it turns out, Rob doesn’t have much choice though because he’s already being staked out by the bad guys who are gunning for Jake. He takes a week’s leave to rendezvous with his old man and help. Rob learns he isn’t the only one who can’t stand his father. Most of the cops he runs across openly despise his old man, and the ones who don’t seem to wind up dead. Angela, a NY cabbie Jake has befriended, comes along to lend a hand.

This book has Gatling gun action, sharp dialogue and the occasional curve ball thrown in. Fans of Randisi will find every bit of the masterful storytelling in EVERY BOTTLE they’ve come to expect from the award winning author. For any newbies, this is a perfect place to jump on the speeding locomotive. Sit back and enjoy. Highly recommended.


Bill Crider said...

I'm currently reading this one. So far, I agree with your review!

Don said...

I always enjoy a good cop story.

dMix said...

I know you must have enjoyed it because you didn't put it down and finished it so quickly.

RJR said...

Thanks for the great review, Dave.


David Cranmer said...

RJR, Thanks for the books. Much appreciated. I'm tearing through THE GUILT EDGE now.

David Barber said...

Thanks David. I'll put these on my "to be read" list.

John Boland said...

I'm glad you liked Robert's book. Thanks for the great review.
John C. Boland
Publisher, Perfect Crime Books

David Cranmer said...

Bill, It' a damn fine yarn that sets up the possibility of a sequel.

Don, Then you're in for a treat. Top read.

dMix, You're so kind to indulge me in endless hours of reading.

David, Randisi 101.

John, Wish you all the best with Perfect Crime. This is certainly a fine looking book and I'm looking forward to reading more.

RReynolds said...

Just ordered it.