Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I've Been Everywhere

I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the desert's bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.

Johnny is still the man. Whenever I’m traveling for work, I think of his music and back to my youth. I remember spending Thursday evenings with my dad listening to the Man in Black, playing checkers and eating an entire jar of hot peppers while waiting for mom to come back from a church function. Geez, twenty-five years just flashed by. Sorry, not much of a point here, just the ramblings of a man far from home yet again.


Laurie Powers said...

Work travel can do that. Rest assured you are in our thoughts when you're away and we look forward to your comments when you're back.

Paul D Brazill said...

My travel song is Bowie's 'Move On' from 'Lodger' which is my fave of his records. nice to se you around.

David Cranmer said...

Thanks Laurie. I have some solid net connections for a few weeks.

Paul, I love the 'Berlin Trilogy' and LODGER is my fave.

G. B. Miller said...

That is one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs.

It truly is one of the best traveling songs out there.

Glad you to hear that you're still surviving, and will always look forward with happiness to your visits in the blog world.

Mates said...

glad to read you again. miss you. pics?

Leah J. Utas said...

An entire jar of peppers?
Good for you.

Richard Prosch said...

Just listened to AT FOLSOM PRISON the other day. Man, it sounds as fresh as anything. And that version of "Jackson" with June Carter smokes.

David Cranmer said...

Thanks G. Doing my best to catch up but working 14 hour days with a six hour time difference to the states, is a little difficult.

Mates, I forgot the cord to load the pics into the computadora. I do have some of the city coming thanks to co-workers but my mug will have to wait. Btw miss you all.

Leah, I'm not sure how we did it, looking back.

Richard, A superb album that gets better with repeated listens. Folsom Prison Blues is probably my favorite track with Jackson and 25 Minutes To Go close seconds.

Barbara Martin said...

It's a wonder your stomach is still cast iron!!! Wow, that's a lot of hot peppers.

I may be doing a little work travel soon, perhaps even relocating. Ten years ago I whisked back and forth from London UK to Toronto for two years so I'm used to living out of a suitcase.

David Cranmer said...


I can't imagine you not in Canada but (besides being expensive) London is one of the places on earth I could relocate to also.

Lyzzydee said...

My dad is a huge Jonny Cash fan and I haven't heard that song for ages.

I live in the green north of London, come and see me!!

David Cranmer said...

lyzzydee, I would love to stop by. England has alluded me for years but the time is coming.

Evan Lewis said...

Old Johnny left an amazing body of work beyond the songs he so well known for. I'm just beginning to discover it.

David Cranmer said...

I've been listening to Johnny since my dad had a 8-Track of his greatest hits back in the seventies. I've been through most of his major work but there is still a large amount of hidden gems I'm discovering.