Monday, August 31, 2009

My Take On...

Beauty and the Bounty by Robert J. Randisi.

Plot Decker the bounty hunter is on the trail of a beautiful con artist/robber who's left behind a long line of empty bank vaults. His search is sidetracked when he gets involved with a woman looking for her sister.

Why Get It Randisi's kinetic storytelling.

Excerpt If the man alone did not attract attention, there was the hangman's noose, which quickly identified him to one and all, and the weapon he wore on his hip. It was a shotgun that had been sawed off at both the barrels and the stock, and then slipped into a specially made holster. The whole rig had been designed for him by a gunsmith friend when Decker discovered that he was almost hopeless with a handgun. With the shotgun he rarely had to aim to hit what he was shooting at, and with a rifle he was... adequate.

Bottom line If you like straightforward action-packed westerns (like I do) then BEAUTY is a must read.