Friday, May 29, 2009

BTAP #26: Maintenance by Kieran Shea

Woman doesn't even look half-human anymore...."

I studied the photographs—a side by side before and after comparison of the former Mrs. Stafford. The man wasn't kidding. The woman's once subtle easy lips were now as thick as canned Vienna sausages and her face should I put this? Intense.

"Maintenance" is Kieran’s second masterful contribution to BEAT to a PULP and showcases New Jersey private investigator, Charlie Byrne. Another Byrne adventure will be featured in an upcoming issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in a story called "The Lifeguard Method."

Next week: Chad Eagleton with our second sci-fi offering, "Six Bullets For John Carter."

Coming soon: "The Devil's Right Hand" by Jack Martin.