Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Spirit

How did I miss out on The Spirit growing up? I’m not sure, but knowing me, I was probably in the Sgt. Rock and GI Joe section.

I've read my first Spirit, The Portier Fortune, in Best Crime Comics and have become hooked by Will Eisner’s masked man of mystery. And now after watching the trailer, I’m looking forward to the Frank Miller film coming this Christmas.

I love the Sin City look of the film and that Frank Miller style that translates well from graphic novels to the big screen. I’m not really familiar with Gabriel Macht who’s playing The Spirit but his bio includes roles in The Good Shepherd and The Recruit. Of course, all eyes will be fixed on the combined charms of Eva Mendes, Scarlet Johansson, and Paz Vega -- enough to make a Jessica Rabbit jealous.


Charles Gramlich said...

Does look good. I like that Noir look too. Liked Sin City pretty well.

Ray said...

It looks as though it's going to be up to the standard of 'Sin City'.
I'm not familiar with Frankie Miller or graphic novels - except for David Gemmell's 'Wolf In Shadow'.
A while back I was in Forbidden Planet and while my sons were wandering around I read part of 'Sin City' and was impressed and reminded me of the 'horror' comics that turned up in the 'fifties.
Thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Josh said...

the graphic novel is amazing, we can only hope the movie lives up to the book.

and i seem to lose alot of people with Murder she wrote lol

David Cranmer said...

Charles, Sin City raised the bar pretty high. The only part that worries me is Sam Jackson. Hopefully he's not to far over the top.

Ray, I've only started following graphic novels in the past few years myself. One day while in the bookstore I glanced through an Alan Moore novel and became hooked.

Joshua, Ha. I know I'm in the minority here but I don't get Jessica Fletcher and this comes from a guy thats a huge Miss Marple fan. I guess Murder, She Wrote just went on for too long.

Scott Parker said...

Our local library has multiple volumes collected of the Spirit and I plan on reading them before the film. There is also a compilation (The Best of The Spirit) that collects the most important stories. Boy, David, the most you mention that Mammoth book of crime comics, I may have to get that one sooner.

Ray said...

If I remember right the makers of Murder She Wrote wanted to do an American version of 'Miss Marple' with Angela Lansbury. The deal fell through so the programme was turned into 'Murder She Wrote' with Angela Lansbury playing and Agatha Christie/Miss Marple character.

David Cranmer said...

Scott, It's a great collection and I'm posting a sort-of review this Monday. The book has Mike Hammer, The Spirit, Ms. Tree, 87th Precinct to name just a few. Quite a collection.

Ray, Angela is a wonderful actress and I always like her performance in Gaslight but Jessica Fletcher is no Miss Marple and like all American television it was run into the ground. I just checked Wikipedia and it was on for twelve years!


All I can say is WOW. Sin City was brilliant and I hope this will be too. Loved that line - "I'm gonna' kill you all kinds of dead."

David Cranmer said...

Archavist, That was a great line! The look and feel of this movie seems to be on target.