Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav and MTM Coming Attractions

While waiting for Mr. Boh’s next piece from Cameroon and in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Gustav over Louisiana, I thought I'd schedule a couple of posts ahead of time in case we find ourselves without Internet.

For next week’s MTM, if all goes well and there are no cancellations due to weather, I'm planning to revisit my adopted town of Rayne for the annual Frog Festival. We’ll try to get lots of pictures of the frog derby, jumping contest and other pageants, as well as some of the musical entertainment.

In the meantime, if posts are scarce or I don’t get a chance to respond to any comments, it means Gustav wasn't so kind to Louisiana or Texas (we are among the Louisiana evacuees who have taken 'shelter' by heading to the Lufkin area of NE Texas). We’re hoping for the best but also want to be prepared.


Reb said...

The frog festival sounds like fun and I love the poster. Gustav does not! Hope everything is well for you there! Stay dry.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Take care, David. I hope the frogs turn out in full force. They might be hiding from Gustav too,

David Cranmer said...

Reb and Patti, Thanks for the well wishes! So far, we still have power and it seems we'll get thunderstorms and strong winds, with the biggest threat being flash flooding.