Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guard Duty

Crew members from the Coast Guard stayed at the hotel recently and "docked" three boats in the parking lot. The men were sharp dressed in their BDU uniforms and high and tight haircuts. For a brief moment, I remembered what it was like to be an MP and I sorta missed the old days and the camaraderie. Then I saw the crew walking away leaving one lone guy to guard. He reached into his upper left shirt pocket and pulled out a pack of Menthol cigarettes, counting to make sure he had enough smokes to make it through the first shift. The first and last shifts aren't too bad but the blocks of time in the middle really disturb one's sleep. I smiled and clenched my wife's hand as we walked back to the room. I don't miss it that much.



Interesting post - shows the way propaganda was and continues to be used. Very deep.


Note this comment went in the wrong place and was intended for the POW story. lol

David Cranmer said...

No problem! And you're right, propaganda will always continue to be used because humans unfortunately keep buying it.

Btw your post last week on Billy the Kid reminded me of something I posted on John Dillinger a few months back on a different site. I'm going to repost it here with a link to yours. Mine isn't as well written as yours but it has some trivia along the same lines.