Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

Early Wednesday morning, a small whine was coming from outside the building where I work. My friend, Jerry, pointed out a little puppy, sitting beside a large pipe looking pretty lonely. I rescued the pup and not even 30 minutes later, we find the mom and three other puppies, hungry and weary, and we figured the one I saved must be the runt who wasn't able to keep up with her family. Sure enough, she'd take two steps before plopping down to rest. Worried that she would be left behind if the mother decided to leave in the middle of the night, I took her home and my wife and I fed her, gave her a bath and cozy towel to sleep on. We discussed what to do and reached the conclusion that, even though it would be difficult for us, we would take her in if we were unable to find a home for her. The next day, I took the pup back to work, and found her mother still there (she had also been fed along with the other pups), and the little tyke nosed her way right back in, jumping around and playing with her siblings. I thought she would be fine for the night with her mom since she was so energized from a decent meal and good nights sleep. Sure enough, the next morning, she was again bouncing around with the bunch. The owner of the company decided to take all of them to the vet for shots and a checkup, and before the end of the day, one of the office workers asked if she could keep the pup. So, my charmer and I never got to foster the puppy, but we're very happy to know that she's going to a good home.


Barbara Martin said...

What a great good deed! And that puppy is awfully cute! I hate to see stray dogs, wondering why their owners don't take better care of them. Good to see you and your office have kind hearts.

David Cranmer said...

She is a cute pup! My wife and I miss her, even though we had her for only one night :) I also wonder about the strays and the people who had once committed to take care of them. Sad. We still have to find home for three more puppies and one mommy!

Boh Cyprain said...

This was so interesting and I want to salute your inspiration. You know, not everyone would think of putting into writing something like that; where you got the inspiration only you alone know.